We supply timber logs originating from Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, ‘Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Equador, Chile, West Indies, etc. We deal mainly in the following types/species of timber:

Teak, Keruing, Merbau, Selangan Batu, Meranti, Kapur, Resak, Arau, Pyinkado, Pinyau and Pine


Fertilizers improve the growth of plants. This goal is met by two ways: the traditional method of adding additives to the plant while the other method consists of using fertilizers.

RBK International (SG) Pte Ltd is one of the largest global organization engaged in source and supply of all types of fertilizers. Our company has donned the mantle of providing all vital fertilizers as a one-stop solution to our customers across the globe.

Our Significant experience in the fertilizer trading sector makes us one of the most trustworthy and reliable partners in the business. We have sourcing network spread across the Middle East, China, Indonesia, North Africa, CIS etc.


The most ubiquitous collection of scrap metals, ferrous metals form a significant share of the RBK’s recycling business. Ferrous metals consist of iron and steel and are categorized into two different but equally important groups, industrial and obsolete.

We deal in industrial scrap which includes different kinds of unused and unfit-for-further use metals as well as obsolete scrap which includes old and unwanted metals scraps as follows;

1. No.1 Heavy Melting Steel (HMS1) 
2. No.2 Heavy Melting Steel (HMS2)
3. HMS 1&2 (80:20)
4. Shredded scrap 210, 211
5. Stainless Steel scrap 304, 316


Non-Ferrous metals form the biggest share of the overall scrap recycling business of RBK Industries Limited. All metals except iron and steel form the Non-Ferrous metal group. The group

consists of metals including Copper, Aluminium, Brass, Lead, Zinc and Nickel.

Aluminium products such as Tense 6061,6063, Trump, Talk, Taint/Tabor and Mix Aluminium scrap are also traded.


We deal in Black Matpe, Lentils, Pigeon Peas, Kabuli Chickpeas, Yellow Peas, Green Peas, Mung, Beans, Fava Beans. Our beneficiaries include countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Colombo, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt and UAE.

We trade in soybeans, Canola, Flax seeds, Rape seeds, sunflower seeds, Niger seeds, Mustard seeds, Linseeds. We source majorly from countries in South and North America and our key destination markets include Bangladesh, Vietnam, China and Pakistan.

Wheat Barley Sorghum is a major part of our grain complex. We also compete aggressively for the tenders in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and

Edible nut
Our edible nuts primarily involve raw and processed cashew sourced from various parts of Africa.

We source primarily from ginners and exporters at the origin with whom we have built long-standing relationships with the assurance in quality.

Animal feed
We trade a wide range of feed products which are primarily sourced from India, South America, Pakistan and the Black Sea region. We supply our feed products mainly to Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan and the Middle East.

We trade significant volumes of rice which are majorly sourced from India, Vietnam and Thailand.

We supply our sugar mainly to Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Bangladesh, Korea, China and Pakistan.

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RBK International (SG) Pte Ltd is present in the Trading business since 2007 and in the Iron Ore, Steel and Metallic business for more than a decade. Our easy access to the raw materials and intermediates used in the steel manufacturing process make us one of the most preferred partners. Moreover, our close-knit commercial relationships with mine owners, exporters, government agencies, steel mills, importers in China and other geographies, have propelled our steady and rapid growth.

The company customizes its products and services to meet industry needs while retaining reliable quality and adhering to the timeline. Combining our iron ore trading expertise with our steel trading prowess allows us to deliver that added edge to help our customers meet greater efficiency. Our Minerals and Metals vertical currently handles Iron Ore products in the form of Sinter Feed, Lump, Pellets, Concentrates and Mill Scale.


Coal is a combustible sedimentary rock with a high amount of carbon and hydrocarbons which are formed in layers of coal beds. Carbon is the main element of coal, while other essential components consist of nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur. At present, coal meets one-third of the world’s energy needs and produces almost two-fifths of global electricity

Since its establishment, RBK International (SG) Pte Ltd has emerged as one of the most competitive players in the Indian industry with major supplies to the Independent Power Plants (IPPs), Steel & amp; Sponge industries and Cement Sectors.

Oil pump oil rig energy industrial machine for petroleum in the sunset background for designOil pump oil rig energy industrial machine for petroleum in the sunset background for designOil pump oil rig energy industrial machine for petroleum in the sunset background for design


Petroleum is one of the main sources of energy around the world. Transport, technology, manufacturing, defence, research and other facets are directly or indirectly linked with the use of petroleum or its sub-products. It provides fuel for heating and lighting, lubricants for machinery and raw material for a number of manufacturing industries. This is one of the main reasons why RBK International (SG) Pte Ltd has stepped in and flourished in the Petroleum Product Industry.

RBK International (SG) Pte Ltd is a fast growing trading company with an efficient team of in-house chartering experts who manage the supply chain. The key to our success lies in our ability to coordinate and interact efficiently within the team to bring customers integrated solutions. We are constantly exploring and gauging opportunities to grow our Petro Product portfolio.

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